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The Jelastic platform we are on is amazing - it provides us with a simplified toolset backed up by truly awesome scalable technology - the perfect mix for us - and it is proving to be incredibly cost effective to boot. We are paying no more here than we ever did in traditional hosting, with the added benefit of having portability, scalability and flexibility at our fingertips. Layershift's Jelastic platform offers BlueBox a fantastic toolset to scale and control costs - which is a really exciting combination for us.

Platform is one thing, but ongoing service is another and the reason we are with Jelastic is because of the outstanding service we continue to receive from Layershift. Nothing is technically beyond them and the speedy turnaround on requests is world-class. Answers are thorough and accurate and overall we feel that we are 'in good hands' with Layershift!

Paul de Villiers
Director & Lead Developer - The BlueBox

We don’t have time to get distracted by server administration. We need a hosting platform which gives us flexibility without sacrificing ease of use and Layershift Jelastic Cloud really shines in this area. It is simple and actually fun to get everything set up on Jelastic Cloud.

Although we don’t need help very often, Layershift’s support team is much better than any provider I’ve worked with before, plus they are fully committed to listening to feedback from customers and supporting startup businesses like ours.

Layershift’s Jelastic Cloud feels like the right platform to properly support our ambitious growth plans saving us a lot of time and money compared to any other options!

Nicholas Bransby-­Williams
CTO at Sooqini.com - Sooqini

In a world where web hosting companies seem to be solely focussed on attracting as many clients as possible and offering pretty basic (at best) customer service, Layershift excel in being able to provide truly personable and fast customer service.

When your business is your web site, like it is for us, knowing there are true experts on hand 24/7 to help when things go wrong is priceless. I have recommended Layershift so many times and will continue to do so.

Robert Matthams (Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year)
Founder & CEO - Shiply

Layershift allow us to concentrate on our core business and act (almost) like a 24×7 in-house IT department, but at a fraction of the cost – and we don’t have to make them coffee!

All our queries, however ‘dumb’, are answered promptly and in language that even ordinary people could understand by the friendly cloud hosting sales team.

Whenever there are technical issues beyond us, Layershift expert engineers are quick to respond to our support questions and simply ‘sort’ everything for us, making everything very very easy!

Simon Watson
Head of Design - King of Shaves Company Ltd

Since discovering Layershift through hosting forum recommendations I've been massively impressed with their always prompt, professional & pro-active customer support. I've hosted with Layershift since 2007. Prior to this date I'd used various hosts and ended up migrating my client sites each time at considerable time and expense mainly due to platform instability & poor customer support. During the honeymoon period with previous hosts things were typically fine and then over time the service deteriorated though not with Layershift who have consistently over-delivered these past 5 years and so I've built up my own hosting business as well as recommended a number of colleagues who are now enjoying the same level of professionalism.

We now have several highly stable and powerful Linux VPS servers in place that meet our needs for both staging and production environments for a multitude of Content Management Systems, custom applications and mobile websites.

Layershift have engineers at their data centre and in the past 5 years there has been one occasion when we've had a hardware failure and the faulty unit was physically replaced and the server running optimally again within 30 minutes.

I know Layershift have got mine and my clients' backs as I grow my business. I only have 2 thumbs though if I had a third I'd put that up for them too. Thanks again.

Alistar C Spark
Director - Hex Collective Ltd

Layershift was recommended to us a few years ago when we were looking for fast, reliable servers and infrastructure and top rate support, and they have more than lived up to that reputation. Their engineers are knowledgeable, efficient and very helpful, and often go way beyond the call of duty to help us. It's hugely reassuring to be able to leave our server management in such expert hands, and Layershift's consistently exceptional service means we can rely on them with complete confidence.

Gary Baker
Founder & CEO - Swagger & Swoon

We design, develop and manage websites for a number of high profile clients, whose web presences are crucial to their business. With Layershift we can be confident that we have the resources to host all types of websites for them. We originally started on a shared server and upgraded to our own dedicated server to give us more capacity. Layershift's managed hosting option lets us concentrate on the things we are good at without having to worry about our servers, maintenance, upgrades, firewalls, etc.

We've found Layershift to be very responsive compared to other web hosts, with technicians often going the extra mile to install the software required so that we can meet our clients' needs.

Tom Clark
Director of Digital Services - Design by Distraction Ltd

Layershift Jelastic PaaS is the only service that would allow a novice like me the flexibility I need. I'm no web programmer but I easily managed to set everything up with no problem.

I was able to install the required PHP modules (in fact their tech support even did that for me!), I had control of core functions without having to go through command line setups of Apache servers. Tech support has been excellent and I found the online tutorials more than excellent too, most technical issues/ configuration tasks I needed to undertake were covered comprehensively by them.

Martin Fleet
Systems Engineer - Subsea Controls

I would just like to express my gratitude and say a big thank you for all your efforts on the transfer of our domains from UKFast. The transfer was very smooth and all issues were resolved during the process. The users have reported no errors and no loss of service so it is a success.

Bruce Tomalin
Web Developer - Excel Publishing Ltd

We moved from Fasthosts as we needed good Customer Service and they weren't delivering. As a web design company we don't want to worry about any hosting problems. We need a managed server from a UK provider with a high level of expertise including fast, reliable support from people who know what they are talking about - Layershift provide the complete solution. Over a year hosting with them without any downtime at all.

Highly recommended.

Bill Kingston
Managing Director - Den Creative Ltd

Layershift is our most trusted supplier for one reason - reliability and going the extra mile. They are always there and respond in a considered and pro active way to every request whether its at 3am or 3pm, Sunday or Tuesday. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Rob Smith
Strategy Director - Blueleaf

We inherited our relationship with Layershift after buying out another company and have been amazed at the level of service we have received. The support provided during what was a very hectic period for us was nothing short of exceptional. Our queries have always been picked up promptly and dealt with diligently. Working with Layershift has been breath of fresh air compared to the many other providers we have worked with previously.

Tim Jarrett
MD - Jarrett & Lam Consulting

I chose Layershift because I offer 24x7 service and need total support 24x7, in the knowledge that I am only as good as the support that I receive. I just wanted to thank you for the support that I have received to date, and I want to acknowledge the professional support and assistance that I have received recently.

A brilliant experience and confirmation of why I have chosen your good selves to host my services.

Nigel Billam - Webjoy

I've used many different hosting companies, but none compare to Layershift. Great product, great price and as a managed service it takes all the hassle out of hosting.

The technical support guys have been amazing, I've never experienced service like this and I rely on these guys to make my business run smoothly. First class all round, and I look forward to many years of doing business with them.

Lenny Warren
Owner - Warren Media

Apart from the usual teething problems, it's all gone really well and we would like to say a big thank you to you and the tech support guys who are brilliant.

The servers seem to be much faster and it's very re-assuring to know you're on hand to help.

Alison Fraser
- Your Name Here Ltd

Victor and the rest of the team always provide the best service whenever I put in a support request. Fast, efficient, and done properly.

Layershift offer by far the best support of any hosts I have used, which is why I always recommend them to clients. Thanks guys.

Dave Ashman
Web Developer - iamdash

Quite brilliant - thank you so much for simplifying a process that looked complex and in fact was very easy. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction - not sure what I would do without your support.

Your support and service is the tops!

Yee Liu Williams
Founder - in-syte

I have been a Layershift customer for over 6 years. During this time they've never let me down and I have come to learn that their fine staff are pretty darn smart. It's refreshing to communicate with a tech support staff that really understands computers.

Computers will always have issues, but in those rare instances their response has been quick and more importantly complete.

Andrew Kaplan
Owner - Walden Pond Design

I have used Layershift for our business hosting since 2008. I find their service reliable, their prices competitive and their support excellent.

I use a number of hosting services for various projects but have found none compare to the quality I receive from Layershift which is the reason I continue to use them day after day for my core business operations.

Dominic Goode
Director - Bludelta

Ioan Nistor is always a helpful chap! As are the team, everyone I have ever interacted with has always been of top level in professionalism and assistance.

I hold this company in high regard due to the exceptional service I always receive!

Paul Dean
Director - Bluewave Design

You know when you are dealing with a well run company, and these people are as good as it gets. Well priced, helpful, highly skilled and really available 24/7/365.

We chose their fully managed service which turned out to be a wise decision. We have made extensive use of their tech support team who have helped us on many occasions where others had drawn a blank.

Julian Deghy
Director - Photographer London

Support feedback

Very quick response. Thanks!

17th April 2014

Great, clear, concise and valid information. Thanks

16th April 2014

Quick response to my questions. Pleased to recommend your services!

16th April 2014

The reply was concise, to the point and gave a clear explanation.

15th April 2014

Thanks for quality help!

15th April 2014

Ioan answered my dumb question perfectly, his response was concise and exactly to the point. Thank you!

14th April 2014

A clear and concise response delivered very quickly. I wish all helpdesks were as good and helpful as yourselves.

14th April 2014

Really appreciate the quick response!

12th April 2014

Zoltan is a familiar name to us here at WebDesignersAlicante, he's been a key player in the smooth running of our services. Our Previous business in the UK ( Bluewave-Design ) was also supported on many occasions by Zoltan. For us.. he is a legend !

11th April 2014

Thank you very much.

11th April 2014

Once again great Support! Thank you very much.

10th April 2014

Timely and complete reply. Thanks.

10th April 2014

Clear and specific instructions. Very helpful and very fast response! Thank you!

10th April 2014

Really helpful and clear emails - thanks.

9th April 2014

Excellent. Zoltan was very responsive and accurate, and overcame the incomplete online documentation and plaform limits.

9th April 2014

Great service, hence I'm a customer for the past several years! Keep up the excellent support.

8th April 2014

Very helpful. Thanks.

8th April 2014

Thank you Zoltan, perfect as ever!

4th April 2014

Excellent support. Fast, efficient and helpful. Many thanks.

2nd April 2014

Answered my billing queries in detail. Thank you.

2nd April 2014

Very helpful, thanks.

2nd April 2014

Thank you for your quick reply. CAROL

31st March 2014

Thank you very much for all your help and patience!

30th March 2014

Daniel, Thank you for your response, it was accurate and useful. Regards, Beethoven GS

30th March 2014

While it's annoying to encounter a problem, the response is always quick and effective.

29th March 2014

Thanks a lot Ionut, invaluable advice as always!

28th March 2014

I was kept informed whilst working on my request which was dealt with in a very prompt fashion using works I could understand. Great job and many thanks, Henry.

27th March 2014

Incredible speed of response and prompt action. Top marks.

27th March 2014

Extremely helpful... prompt replies and great comments.

26th March 2014

Excellent support. Fast response and followed up the next day. Brilliant.

26th March 2014

Quick resolution to the problem - thank you!

24th March 2014

Very helpful and prompt reply.

24th March 2014

Informative and helpful, thank you.

24th March 2014

Spotted the problem out quickly. Very good service!

21st March 2014

Very helpful, polite and quick to respond to my requests.

21st March 2014

Very helpful live chat, thanks.

21st March 2014

Awesome services!

20th March 2014

All queries were answered to my satisfaction!

19th March 2014

Fast and helpful - as always.

19th March 2014

Great service, straightforward and honest answers, perfect! This is something that every hosting provider should offer.

19th March 2014

Very helpful and clear, thank you.

18th March 2014

Great service as usual. Thanks.

17th March 2014

Thank you for your help and your quick response!

17th March 2014

Very, very helpful!

15th March 2014

Very helpful, thank you.

14th March 2014

A timely and complete response!

14th March 2014

Dora u rock!

14th March 2014

Thanks for the support Victor.

13th March 2014

Very helpful, good explanation.

12th March 2014

Ioan was helpful and fast, very kind to help. Thank you.

12th March 2014

Thank you for being so supportive. Your customer service is always very good with me, always willing to explain and to advise. Layershift, I want you to know that I appreciate it a great deal!

12th March 2014

The issue was rectified quickly and satisfactorily.

10th March 2014

Fast and helpful as ever - thanks!

7th March 2014

Superb tech support as always. Zoltan is brilliant!

5th March 2014

Very quick to deal with the problem and very helpful, thank you.

5th March 2014

Excellent service, thank you for your help.

3rd March 2014

Great! you are so helpful!

3rd March 2014

As usual, very helpful and supportive! Thank You.

28th February 2014

It was great to receive an email from someone who had clearly looked at my first few days' usage and wanted to check in and help. Everything had gone very smoothly and I didn't have any problems. Thanks for the great service.

28th February 2014

Great answer, long and detailed! 10x

27th February 2014

Sales and technical support were once again very helpful!

26th February 2014

Thanks Zoltan - I appreciate the extra work that you put in.

25th February 2014

Quick and sufficient reply. Thanks!

25th February 2014

Excellent as ever :)

24th February 2014

Thanks very much, perfect as always!

23rd February 2014

Fast, kind and helpful :)

22nd February 2014

Thanks. I reported an issue and couldn't provide proof via screenshots. Despite this, Dan investigated and resolved the issue. Great service as always - thanks.

21st February 2014

Query read, fixed and replied to within 5 minutes. Excellent service as usual :)

20th February 2014

Very quick to respond and very helpful.

19th February 2014

Excellent. Thank you for getting the control panel back to normal.

17th February 2014

First class as always, still the best hosting and tech support I've had in the last 10 years or so!

16th February 2014

The responses where to the point and useful. Thank you for your help.

16th February 2014

Very swift, precise, and clear. Thanks.

13th February 2014

Thank you so much. Just started using the service to deploy our customers' services and feeling confident about it owing to various factors, including your responsive and helpful customer service.

13th February 2014

Response time was really good.

13th February 2014

Dora was very patient and replied to all my questions very professionally via online chat. Thank you!

13th February 2014

I received complete help for all questions and services.

13th February 2014

Very supportive and helpful! Thank you for your help at Layershift.

12th February 2014

Thanks, fast and great as usual.

12th February 2014

Ioan really helped me out with a Wordpress theme installation problem today. Great service. Thank you Ioan!

11th February 2014

Thank you, once again, for your support and assistance from your billing department.

10th February 2014

Thank you for your help. We are currently working on a new website which will run on Joomla 2.5 :)

10th February 2014

The responses have answered my queries. Thank you for your assistance, it was most helpful.

9th February 2014

Thank you for you timely help. The info provided has resolved the issue.

6th February 2014

Fantastic support as always, Zoltan is brilliant!

6th February 2014

Very very good!

6th February 2014

Very fast response, answered all my queries quickly and clearly.

4th February 2014

Great support.

4th February 2014

Thank you very much!

4th February 2014

Many thanks for your help today Ionut, much appreciated as always.

3rd February 2014

Quick fix to the problem!

3rd February 2014

Brilliant tech support as always. Zoltan is marvelous.

1st February 2014

Fantastic support as always!

31st January 2014

Fast response and resolution as usual, many thanks.

31st January 2014

Very helpful! Answered all questions fully!

28th January 2014

Excellent, the issue was resolved within ten minutes, again great service. Thank you once again!

28th January 2014

Fast reply. Deployment policy and steps to upgrade clearly explained. As a result, MongoDB 2.4.5 is up and running, no more exceptions.

27th January 2014

Not only you followed up with me in regard to the custom email address setup, but you also found a solution to the problem by using the account email address. Great support :-).

23rd January 2014

Excellent and fast!

23rd January 2014

Perfect support. First response got it sorted for me straight away.

21st January 2014

I appreciated the quick reply as well as dealing with some additional things before sending back the reply, which made life easy for me!

21st January 2014

Having had very good experiences with LayerShift technical support, but now I needed to contact Billing. I don't assume departments have the same culture, but my IRC correspondent in Billing was calm, polite, alert, direct, and, perhaps most important on IRC, responsive. Thank you!

21st January 2014

Thanks you so much!! Above and beyond as always :)

20th January 2014

Response was quick and helpful. Thank you.

20th January 2014

Brilliant as ever!

20th January 2014

Call dealt with quickly and the problem resolved straight away. Many Thanks!

19th January 2014

Response was fast, I'm sure it will resolve the issue.

17th January 2014

Kind. Clear. Honest.

17th January 2014

Brilliant support as always!

15th January 2014

I'm impressed with the sales support offered - detailed explanation to my queries, not single line answers like other hosts.

15th January 2014

Super quick and super helpful.

15th January 2014

Thank you so much!

14th January 2014

Perfect. Ioan is the best!

12th January 2014

Very helpful, thanks.

10th January 2014

A lot of really helpful and extended responses. Very prompt too. Thank you.

7th January 2014

Great, fast Live Support. Cristina was very helpful, and very knowledgeable, even knew the hardware specs. Well done Layershift!

6th January 2014

Concise, fast and to the point.

6th January 2014

Thanks to Victor for sorting out my Plandore install/setup request. It seems to be working now. Good that support is provided even on a Holiday (SUN). Way to go!!

5th January 2014

Amazing, Sorted out of the problem extremely quickly during unsociable hours. Thanks

5th January 2014

Brilliant as ever!! Happy New Year Victor!!

2nd January 2014

Perfect. Incredibly quick and resolved first time!

31st December 2013

Great support, very helpful and generous.

27th December 2013

Your support staff have helped us a lot this week and have all been excellent. Many thanks!

20th December 2013

Brilliant as usual :)

20th December 2013

Very pleasant and provided quick responses to my questions. Thanks to Cristina for the support on livechat!

20th December 2013

Great Support, answered my question in a timely manner.

20th December 2013

Nice response, much appreciated.

19th December 2013

Really fast and good support. I like WizzVPS.

19th December 2013

Not cheap compared to other hosting sites, but worth every penny. Your hosting service runs circles around the others! Thanks!

19th December 2013

Excellent support, as always :)

18th December 2013

Very helpful and nice!

17th December 2013

Your online chat agent was just extremely helpful!

16th December 2013

+++ fast response, thanks!

16th December 2013

Excellent support, as always from everyone at Layershift!

16th December 2013

Superb support as always!

15th December 2013

Thanks, quick and efficient help has been provided.

14th December 2013

First class support as always.

13th December 2013

Quick response, excellent implementation!

12th December 2013

Thanks for the prompt response.

12th December 2013

Damien has been very helpful as always. Thanks!

12th December 2013

Very fast response! Dan was very helpful!!

12th December 2013

Cristina offered fast responses and was very polite via live-chat. I'm considering Layershift as one of my top choices!

12th December 2013

Excellent simple solution provided :)

11th December 2013

I get it now, thanks! Fast response as always.

10th December 2013

Excellent, as always. Thank you.

7th December 2013

Speedy resolution to my issue, very helpful!

6th December 2013

First class support as always :)

4th December 2013

Brilliant & easy to follow Mysql help, thank you so much!

3rd December 2013

An easy to understand explanation in crisp form. Thanks.

3rd December 2013

Extremely fast and effective response to a technical query, as always. Thank you.

2nd December 2013

Great service, very helpful once again!

30th November 2013

Thanks for looking at our Glassfish problem and sorting it out so quickly.

29th November 2013

Quick and extensive help!

28th November 2013

All points fully answered in a fast, accurate response.

27th November 2013

Brilliant as always! Thanks

27th November 2013

Thanks for your quick assistance. All working well now.

26th November 2013

Speed of response is always appreciated and your response was very fast. Thanks

26th November 2013

Thanks - Helpful as ever!

25th November 2013

Thanks for the fantastic support as always. You helped us out of a sticky situation here in record time...

25th November 2013

Very helpful and useful response. Thank you!

24th November 2013

Fast response and fixed my problem :)

24th November 2013

I messed up today and your support saved the day! I thank you Layershift for you excellent and speedy response to my plight. The best thing that I ever did was to transfer my hostings under your care. :-) Nigel

23rd November 2013

Fast and effective support. Really appreciate it.

22nd November 2013

Very helpful and great service - thanks!

21st November 2013

Thanks so much, you are always so patient :)

20th November 2013

Victor has been of great assistance in coming up with ideas on the recent issues we've had with chiligo. I've valued his input on the options available and can feel his contribution to the solution. Good work!

19th November 2013

Dan has been working tirelessly on this issue for me over the last couple of days. Both he and Victor have made some very helpful suggestions that should enable us to get to the bottom of this.

19th November 2013

Zoltan was great as always. Thanks.

19th November 2013

Cristina was very helpful on livechat!

19th November 2013

Super quick and very helpful support as always. I'm continually impressed with Layershift. Thanks!

18th November 2013

Dan gave a quick solution in a complex problem, thank you.

18th November 2013

First class service as always. Ioan Nistor is brilliant!

15th November 2013

Quick feedback: Excellent!

14th November 2013

Found the solution to my problem. Thanks :)

13th November 2013

I received some excellent support from Victor Inceu who helped me get my website live. Very impressed - well done.

12th November 2013

Again and again Layershift go above and beyond!

12th November 2013

Awesome support as always!

11th November 2013

LayerShift UK is one of the best web hosting providers. Whenever I had a problem or a task I didn't know how to solve, they were there to help. I can suggest to everybody! (Imre Toth)

9th November 2013

Thank you for such a swift and detailed reply. Much appreciated.

7th November 2013

Very fast solution which helped my customers... thanks! Time for me to get those customer using stronger passwords (Brian, Northwind Engineering).

7th November 2013

As usual, Victor has both explained what needs to be done, and given all the required information and examples of how to do it. I particularly appreciate that he accomplishes in a single email what I frequently find takes three emails with other non-Layershift service providers.

6th November 2013

Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

5th November 2013

Fixed the issue very quickly... We are going live with Referee PRO product, the fast reply was really appreciated. Zillion of thanks!

5th November 2013

Stunning. Way above and beyond the call of duty. Daniel and Ionut deserve a large Christmas bonus!

1st November 2013

Ionut's reply was very helpful for me. I couldn't connect to the database, but he solved my problems very quickly, thank you! (Sudhir Patil)

31st October 2013

Dan went out of his way to help us understand the nature of the problem that had occurred, and how it was an edge case. Great support again from Layershift. Cheers.

30th October 2013

Perfect response and the attached PNG image was most helpful. Thank you!

30th October 2013

Very prompt response and the explanation was very helpful.

30th October 2013

Answer was provided very quickly.

30th October 2013

Great work as always for Ionut and all support!!

22nd October 2013

Superb support. Sorted instantly. Thank you so much!

21st October 2013

Awesome reply!

19th October 2013

Quick and helpful as usual, thanx a million

19th October 2013

Awesome and quick reply. Very helpful.

19th October 2013

Thank you, great as always.

18th October 2013

Thank you for pro-actively reviewing my account and its usage and for providing helpful information concerning the pricing structure.

18th October 2013

Thank you. It shows that you care about your customers.

18th October 2013

Completely answered all angles of the problem with detailed technical explanation of what and why was happening. Very happy with your support :-)

18th October 2013

Ultra fast response and fix.

17th October 2013

Fast and helpful, as usual. Thanks!

16th October 2013

Prompt and complete.

15th October 2013

Very helpful and quick. Thanks!

14th October 2013

Exactly what I needed for working through changes to the mysql config. A good concise, informative answer.

14th October 2013

Thanks for the quick replies to our queries.

14th October 2013

Really, really quick response and solution!

10th October 2013

Excellent. Fast and effective responses.

9th October 2013

Excellent chatting with Dora today, she was able to answer all my questions and give me the information to make an informed decision about moving my hosting provider. Thanks for all your help.

7th October 2013

Wonderful help and advice too. Amazing support.

6th October 2013

Your team is always friendly, fast, efficient and very helpful.

5th October 2013

Once again, the team responded quickly and was able to help on all issues. Your support team is the best we have ever encountered!

2nd October 2013

Your customer service and technical support is at the highest possible level. I can't imagine it to be better. You all are doing an amazing job!

2nd October 2013

Very comprehensive response - thanks

1st October 2013

Helpfull, I can suggest for everybody!

30th September 2013

As usual from Layershift staff, quick response and additional effort which is always nice. Thanks

29th September 2013

Thanks for fast and good service!

29th September 2013

Thanks for your help with de-spamming the VPS!

27th September 2013

Very helpful! Thorough answers and suggestions - seems to know the platform well.

27th September 2013

Great response time and clarity

27th September 2013

Once again, super fast response, accurate and easy to follow information. Excellent Service!

27th September 2013

Fabulous speedy response to my query. Most helpful.

25th September 2013

Excellent, sorted out the issue and even corrected another domain that I forgot to add.

25th September 2013

Fast response, excellent advise... very professional thank you.

25th September 2013

Very quick response!

24th September 2013

Fast and effective support as usual, thank you.

24th September 2013

Excellent as always :)

21st September 2013

It was not even a Layershit issue however your customer support person nailed it down and pointed me to the right direction. Fast and accurate reply :-)

20th September 2013

Quick, helpful, accurate.

20th September 2013

Thanks a lot for the quick and elaborate answer. I will save your reply if it should happen again.

19th September 2013

Wonderful help, thanks.

18th September 2013

Thanks for the help and sorting so quickly.

18th September 2013

Many thanks for sorting out server issues so quickly, and fixing things that I didn't even know needed fixing...!

18th September 2013

Fantastic - as always.

16th September 2013

Very helpful and detailed responses.

13th September 2013

Very professional, fast resolution!

13th September 2013

Spot on, very clear and helpful.

6th September 2013

Fantastic service received today! I am a complete tech novice being a marketer not a developer and I was helped through every stage of the process by your fantastic support team. So much patience too - highly recommended!

5th September 2013

Quick and helpful, as ever!

4th September 2013

Very fast resolution to the problem, thanks.

4th September 2013

Excellent, quick and efficient as always.

3rd September 2013

Thank you very much for your help and very quick reply. I really appreciate it.

3rd September 2013

Excellent help, as always. Outside of any other hosts 'remit'. Quick and helpful. Thanks.

2nd September 2013

Easy to deal with, very helpful and quick response - thank you!

30th August 2013

Every time, Layershift impress. I'm in danger of taking this sort of service for granted, I have to keep reminding myself what it was like before!

28th August 2013

The level of communication is superb from all at Layershift. I am very pleased with the service so far, it's great to deal with real people and not corporate junkies who only care about their bottom line.

23rd August 2013

Superb technical help as usual... 1st class.

20th August 2013

Excellent, friendly, helpful and efficient. What else could I ask?

20th August 2013

Very professional service as always. A team that is really, really helpful - can't recommend you guys enough! Thank you again for your continuing support. Your service makes such a difference.

17th August 2013

As always the support was excellent. Many thanks!

16th August 2013

All of your help was accurate, fast and pro active. Highly appreciated.

15th August 2013

Very fast response time and to the point!

14th August 2013

I very rarely need tech support from Layershift but when I do it has always been excellent. Rod Collins

12th August 2013

Dan was extremely helpful, full credit to your staff, always prompt with replies.

12th August 2013

Both Dan and Ioan are on my Christmas card list :)

11th August 2013

Exactly what I needed. Thanks.

9th August 2013

Excellent turn around on solving my problem!

8th August 2013

Dora answered my questions very promptly and fully - very helpful, thank you.

7th August 2013

Process completed very promptly. Thanks

7th August 2013

A quick and satisfactory resolution to the error. Thank you.

6th August 2013

Superb as always, the best of the best. I'd never consider going elsewhere for my hosting now...

5th August 2013

Great Customer Care - This time from Daniel but whoever is allocated to assist you from Layershift offers the highest level of assistance.

5th August 2013

Extremely quick resolution, thank you.

2nd August 2013

Great response time as always!

2nd August 2013

Superb as always. Moving my hosting to Layershift a few years ago is the best move I ever made!

2nd August 2013

Excellent. Clear replies. Thank you!

1st August 2013

Really very helpful, and very knowledgeable. Thanks.

1st August 2013

Excellent as always!

26th June 2013

Very quick response, thank you.

26th June 2013

Ionut, Daniel and Ioan all were excellent at communicating very effectively and went above and beyond what we expected. We've got a migrated site up and running in no time, which might have been a real hassle and your guys were the difference between us spending hours getting nowhere, and the great position we're now in! Many thanks.

26th June 2013

Helpful and informative. Solved the problem quickly and let me know what was going on before it was sorted out.

25th June 2013

Awesome support as always

25th June 2013

The support we get from everyone is exceptional, you should give lessons in customer support to some of the other companies we have to deal with.

24th June 2013

Working with Dora on our VPS upgrade was a pleasure.

20th June 2013

Excellent help. Thanks very much.

20th June 2013

Rapid and detailed response - thank you!

19th June 2013

Very prompt reply thanks. All the info I required. thanks :-)

18th June 2013

The level of customer service I received is mind blowing. I have absolutely no idea and they were incredibly patient and lead me through changing my servers step-by-step. I couldn't be more impressed. What a great way to start our relationship together :-) Thanks.

11th June 2013

I've always been happy with my hosting account on Layershift and any issues are dealt with immediately and with efficiency and courtesy. All of your staff, are knowledgeable, polite and professional.

6th June 2013

Thank you very much for all your help. It really means alot to us to have system admins we can count on when needed.

5th June 2013

Fast and reliable as always!

4th June 2013

Super quick and helpful response!

31st May 2013

The speed at which you answer the queries is very commendable.

30th May 2013

Thank you so much - as always so very helpful and knowledeable.

30th May 2013

Installations carried out quickly and easily. Great service, thanks!

29th May 2013

Always great responses to all of my support questions.

28th May 2013

A prompt response that understood the question behind the question, and gave a quick step-by-step on how to resolve my issue. Thanks!

28th May 2013

Very fast feedback with exactly the help/reply I needed.

27th May 2013

Absolutely excellent service thank you so much.

10th May 2013

Thorough and detailed response, thank you.

9th May 2013

Straight to the point. Personal touch. Nice.

7th May 2013

Quick and helpful. As ever. Thanks.

7th May 2013

Brilliant and very helpful. Guided me through the problem and I'm a complete novice. Thank you!

5th May 2013

Very helpful and prompt. Thanks very much!

4th May 2013

Super speedy response - thanks!

3rd May 2013

Very impressed by the responses! Yet again, clear and helpful.

24th April 2013

Excellent as ever, thank you!

16th April 2013

Outstanding service, over and above the expected.

12th April 2013

Thanks. Good resolution and as always very helpful and prompt.

12th April 2013

So good to get helpful clear explanation to solving technical issues.

12th April 2013

Thank you for a prompt response.

9th April 2013

As per usual, Layershift support is amazing. Very prompt and concise. Thank you!

4th April 2013

Wow! Super quick and solved the error immediately.

4th April 2013

Really fast response and fix. Excellent.

26th March 2013

Many thanks for the prompt reply as always.

25th March 2013

Spot on advice, prompt reply.

20th March 2013

Excellent service from the Layershift staff as usual.

20th March 2013

As always fast and high-value answer!

19th March 2013

Great response and it was nice to speak to someone who didn't use business speak! Appreciate the personal service :)

15th March 2013

Awesome support, as always.

15th March 2013

Was dealing with 1&1 yesterday and it put things into perspective. They are rubbish. You guys rock!

15th March 2013

Problems are few and far between, however when they do occur there's always a prompt fix from Layershift support.

13th March 2013

It's got to be hard to find any other company that could possibly offer so very much support. The only thing missing is a cape!

11th March 2013

Always super speedy and concise with feedback. Very happy, as always!

7th March 2013

Very quick. Sorted the problem no matter how late it was, great job as usual!

4th March 2013

Exceptional as always!

2nd March 2013

Great service as usual - prompt, useful and informative.

25th February 2013

Almost too efficient for words... almost!

21st February 2013

A brilliant reply that saved me a lot of work. Give this man a pay rise!

13th February 2013

As usual, very fast, accurate and informative feedback that quickly helped me solve my problem.

13th February 2013

Smart, very good and kind.

11th February 2013

Thanks! Love Layershift support for always being there for me.

6th February 2013

Super quick response and remedy!

5th February 2013

Very prompt and thank you for the information.

4th February 2013

Thanks for your help, you guys are great!

29th January 2013

Gone above and beyond helpfulness thank you! I know nothing about IT and you have held my hand through a very difficult period.

28th January 2013

Prompt installation of available Perl modules and further advice given.

25th January 2013

Thanks for the speedy and helpful support.

22nd January 2013

Extremely fast reply for this time of night.

16th January 2013

Quick response and comprehensive reply. Very helpful.

8th January 2013

Great service with a quick response. Thanks for doing those tricky jobs for me.

5th January 2013

Great service prompt accurate and resolved the issue immediately. Thanks!

3rd January 2013

Good to know when help is needed its there, even on the Sunday after Christmas!

30th December 2012

Very helpful and fast, thank you.

20th December 2012

Super fast reply and action taken. Thanks!

15th December 2012

Speedy response and worked perfectly.

10th December 2012

A million thanks, you saved me! And promptly.

25th November 2012

Problem sorted within 15mins. I'm very impressed with your entire support set-up.

20th November 2012

Once again excellent service, answered my question in-depth.

18th November 2012

Brilliant as always - thanks so much. All OK and upgraded successfully.

11th November 2012

Superb as always, problem fixed promptly and helpful advice given. :)

5th November 2012

I can't believe the speed of the response. I had no idea that support could be as good as I the support I have experienced at Layershift.

4th November 2012

Really, really fast replies to my queries with helpful solutions.

2nd November 2012

Premium class service as usual - thank you.

29th October 2012

Awesome prompt response on a Saturday morning!

27th October 2012

I only ever receive quality replies, which is why I use Layershift.

26th October 2012

Promp, positive and helpful. Thanks

12th October 2012

Another quick response and very helpful, thanks guys.

11th October 2012

Very quick response and exactly what I asked, thanks :)

6th October 2012

This is absolutely top service. I love it and feel safe with you guess! THANKS!

3rd October 2012

First class helpful support at double quick speed - thank you!

1st October 2012

Very helpful with multiple queries over the last couple of weeks. Excellent response time, explains the problem, and fixes it very quickly.

26th September 2012

Not just met my expectations but exceeded them! Many thanks.

25th September 2012

This email clarified what I was required to do exactly, making it very simple.

25th September 2012

Fantasticly fast reply, on a Sunday. Even with the F1 on!

23rd September 2012

Thanks Dan for a quick reply which solved my problem with a couple of clicks in Plesk :)

21st September 2012

Really clear, helpful, and fast response. Much appreciated!

21st September 2012

Very prompt response, thank you for keeping me updated.

12th September 2012

Incredibly helpful and informative as always. Prompt response, thank you.

12th September 2012

Handled potentially tricky question with very good answer :)

7th September 2012

As per usual, Layershift support are spot-on, very quick to respond and very helpful. Thanks!

4th September 2012

Amazing! Love the proactive protection. Good to know you guys have got our back!

31st August 2012

I love the fast response - thanks!

17th August 2012

Super quick and solid support. Very much appreciated!

14th August 2012

Very efficient and helpful service. Thank you!

13th August 2012

Already so much happier with Layershift support than any other company I've worked with.

12th August 2012

Thank you for helping on a Saturday evening!

5th August 2012

Thank you - all staff have been very helpful throughout purchase and setup of our new VPS.

4th August 2012

Very helpful and amended my sites domain records for me. Thank you!

21st July 2012

Helpful, quick response - and exactly what we wanted to hear. Thanks!

17th July 2012

Excellent - the help I needed was provided in a concise manner and without lengthy delays.

12th July 2012

Thanks very helpful and setting this up correctly.

12th July 2012

Perfect as always - you guys maintain the excellent standard I'm used to.

11th July 2012

As ever, fixed issue almost immediately and answered my queries. Thanks!

6th July 2012

Absolutely superb - first class.

3rd July 2012

Answered all of my questions and more, very friendly and clear on her advice. As always, great service from Layershift!

29th June 2012

As usual, support is prompt, efficient and resolves my problems

28th June 2012

Fast, efficient, effective - 10/10 as usual - thanks.

27th June 2012

Quick response, very helpful and fixed the problem straight away.

24th June 2012

The reply was very useful and so is every reply I ever get from support. Thanks!

22nd June 2012

Superb, rapid response and problem sorted immediately. Also, helpful advice given. As always, superb technical support!

18th June 2012

Excellently helpful as always

13th June 2012

Brilliant and informative response as usual. 10/10, would read again.

12th June 2012

Top notch support, as usual. Very prompt, work completed without any problems.

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Excellent response, clear and precise and went and fixed the issue without being asked, brilliant.

8th June 2012

As always service was swift and concise, excellent.

31st May 2012

Very quick and efficient, great service as always!

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I am always pleasantly surprised by the speed and level of service of your guys. Wish all customer service could be like this.

26th May 2012

Quick & helpful as always.

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Helpful as always, thanks.

23rd May 2012

Outstanding, answered my question without even asking!

19th May 2012

As always your customer service is impeccable.

18th May 2012

Excellent pre-sales support so far. Have been very valuable and once I switch I will definitely come to Layershift!

18th May 2012

Excellent & informative replies to multiple queries.

17th May 2012

Really quick response, again! You guys are great.

17th May 2012

Once again, you provided first class support! Thank you very much.

17th May 2012

I've got to say I think you are all stars and very helpful. Not sure what I would do without you guys!

17th May 2012

Very prompt and helpful. Thanks!

17th May 2012

You guys are the best. Thanks for being there!

16th May 2012

Excellent - solved the problem quickly and efficiently.

15th May 2012

Always ahead of the game.

15th May 2012