Enterprise grade network and datacentre

We provide a complete server administration solution so that you can focus on your business.

We only hire expert engineers who communicate directly with you to resolve your problems immediately, rather than using a slow and inefficient first, second and third level escalation system!

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Our network is engineered for performance and reliability

Advanced dynamic network

Our self-healing network is designed and engineered for maximum performance and reliability.

Network traffic is dynamically routed to take the highest performance path at any time, with diverse carrier and peering routes, and no single points of failure. This gives your website a competitive advantage. With search engines now ranking sites based on performance it also helps push your sites higher in search results.

Our experienced network engineers monitor network performance 24/7 and pro-actively resolve any problems. Our SLA guarantees a working Internet connection; most providers only guarantee an internal network connection so do not guarantee a working service!

Non-stop scaling

The average server has to be stopped to scale (if your provider offers scaling!) which means no website traffic and lost revenue.

We don't sell the average server! Our scaling technology lets us scale your server dynamically and instantly at any time with no downtime at all; you get more server power when you need it - immediately.

Whether a surge in demand is expected in advance or unexpectedly occurs you can rest assured that you can upgrade without interruption to service for visitors, giving you one less thing to worry about - crucial when your website traffic is at its busiest!

Non-stop healing

This is far more intelligent and reliable than the average “self healing” implementations some of our competitors advertise. We give you improved uptime and reliability compared to the competition.

Your server isn't tied to any physical hardware, so if the hardware your server uses develops a fault, we transparently move it away from the problem. You stay online without any service interruption and the fault is fixed by our engineering team without you or your customers knowing anything changed. The cloud, delivered how it's supposed to be.

Enterprise datacentre facilities

A datacenter is a highly specialised operation, requiring specific expertise to design, build, and maintain. Few providers (including those with their own facilities) have this full capability in- house leading many providers to put cost savings instead of facility quality. Unfortunately this compromises your service quality and reliability as well.

Although some providers are happy to operate your server from a “DIY” facility without proper power conditioning, appropriate environmental controls, fire suppression systems, or security protocols, at Layershift we don't compromise on service quality.

We believe we should focus on what we're really good at, and use trusted specialists in their respective fields when we are fully confident this allows us to offer a better service. This way we maintain the highest quality throughout every aspect of our service: end-to-end.

We exclusively host your service in secure private racks within leading enterprise datacenters, operated by global datacenter experts such as Equinix. You benefit from the multi-billion dollar investments made into this key datacenter infrastructure in these world class enterprise grade facilities including: