Reliable, Scalable, and Fast: Customer-Focused Premium Cloud Hosting Solutions

Exceptional Managed VPS and auto-scaling WordPress hosting for thriving digital businesses and agencies

Overview of Layershift's commitment:

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and partners by providing them with the best premium web hosting experience possible. At Layershift, we have been working hard to make this possible for over 20 years.


Fully Managed VPS

High performance, proactive monitoring and robust SLA's

Designed for small businesses and fully customisable to your needs

  • • WordPress toolkit
  • • Joomla toolkit (optional)
  • • Sitejet website builder
  • • 24/7 support and monitoring

Agency Optimised Hosting

Expertly crafted hosting packages for web agencies

Our cloud experts will ensure your agency's success

  • • WordPress & (optional) Joomla toolkit
  • • CloudLinux OS and LiteSpeed
  • • WAF/IDP/patch management
  • • Pre- and post-sales cloud consultancy

Enscale PaaS

Highly scalable PaaS for DevOps and business

Flexibly work with your favourite software stacks and programming languages

  • • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • • Pay only for the resources you use
  • • CI/CD and Git integration
  • • 24/7 support and monitoring

High Traffic WordPress

Easily deploy WordPress clusters for high-traffic or high-growth websites

Automatically scales when required to save you money

  • • Highly-available WordPress cluster
  • • Load-balancer and data storage cluster
  • • Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection
  • • Optimised webpage loading speed

EhloMail Business Email

GDPR-compliant email hosting and collaboration tool

Powerful anti-spam and anti-virus mailbox protection as standard

  • • GDPR-compliant
  • • Collaboration and document sharing
  • • Cost-effective compared to major competitors
  • • Backups included

CDN/WAF/DDoS Protection

Ensure your website maintains high performance at all times

Super-fast CDN with optional WAF/DDoS protection for your security

  • • Fast and reliable caching CDN
  • • Powerful Web Application Firewall
  • • Advanced DDoS protection
  • • Over 2800 PoP's to ensure fast page loads

How does Layershift ensure your success?

  • Servers located in the UK, USA and Singapore for local high-speed web hosting
  • 24 hour support with fast response times and two decades of experience
  • Expertise in WordPress performance optimisation
  • Proactive monitoring for swift issue resolution
  • Robust SLA ensuring industry standard uptime
  • Tailored guidance and customer assistance
  • Comprehensive pre and post-sales consultancy support

What are the benefits of fully managed VPS plans?

  • Managed service for comprehensive server support
  • 24/7 support from experienced web professionals
  • Plesk control panel for easy website and application deployment
  • Customisable VPS plans to adapt as your project grows
  • Dedicated server resources for consistent performance
  • Managed backups with flexible scheduling and offsite storage

Looking to improve your e-commerce website with Enscale PaaS?

  • Optimised WordPress clusters for e-commerce
  • Rapid deployment of optimised server configurations
  • Support for various programming languages and application types
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing, pay only for the resources used
  • Git-Push-Deploy for automated code delivery to cloud containers
  • Automatic scaling and load balancing for high availability

Contact us today and let's discuss your hosting goals

We'll propose tailored solutions that meet your specific needs,  leveraging our experience in helping other customers achieve faster ROI


Green and sustainable hosting

We aim to partner with green datacentres. Our primary UK datacentre partners with renewable energy suppliers to guarantee 100% renewable energy sources through certifications like Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO), promoting environmental sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Guiding principles behind environmentally friendly cloud hosting

Low-carbon energy
Low-carbon and local generation as prime or standby power, and renewable electricity.
High-efficiency cooling
Transitioning toward higher densities and liquid cooling.
Circular economy
Embedding principles—prioritising waste heat reuse, water efficiency, embodied carbon reductions in building materials, hardware recycling.
Software optimised and automated
Leveraging AI and ML for maintenance, materials, efficiency and forecasting.

I was looking for a managed VPS to host my personal websites. Choosing Layershift, I found much more. A partner who really seeks the well-being of its customers.

Whenever I need to contact support, I always get extremely fast and efficient answers. They go beyond merely managing my VPS, by diagnosing possible code problems. Layershift monitoring is always vigilant and has even been able to detect security flaws in one of my systems.

Today I have 5 VPS's at Layershift, and several Enscale instances too. I'm now hosting professional apps and I know they're safe and well-monitored. I hope to have the opportunity to work on even more ambitious projects with Layershift!


Simon Lee CEO - Stileex Group