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At Layershift, we enable our customers to enhance their VPS with leading technologies like CloudLinux, providing platform stability, Security, and DevOps tools designed specifically for web hosting

What Is CloudLinux OS in more detail?


Designed from the ground up to be the best web hosting Operating System available.

  • Lightweight Virtual Environments (LVEs): Isolate user accounts to prevent resource hogging and ensure a stable server environment.
  • Hardened kernel: Enhanced security against rootkits, malware, and exploits.
  • Improved PHP handler (mod_lsapi): Boosts PHP website performance and stability.
  • CageFS: Securely isolates user files and directories, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring data integrity.
  • MySQL governor: Throttle excessive database usage to maintain optimal server performance.
  • Proactive resource management: Set resource limits for CPU, memory, I/O, and more for each account, preventing slowdowns and crashes.
  • Enhanced website monitoring tools: Identify and troubleshoot slow-performing websites quickly and easily.

CloudLinux: Under the Hood - How it Works

Lightweight Virtualization (LVEs):

  • Imagine your VPS as a building with apartments (LVEs) for each website.
  • Each apartment receives a set budget of resources (RAM, CPU, I/O), ensuring no single website monopolises the server.
  • This prevents resource-hungry websites from impacting performance for others, guaranteeing a smooth experience for all.

CageFS - secure isolaton:

  • Think of each apartment's walls as CageFS. It isolates files and directories, preventing websites from accessing or interfering with each other.
  • This keeps your server environment secure by minimising vulnerabilities and potential data breaches.

Combined benefits:

  • Stability: Resource allocation and isolation prevent issues from cascading across websites, ensuring consistent performance for all.
  • Security: CageFS creates individual "sandboxes," minimising attack vectors and protecting your entire server ecosystem.
  • Scalability: Easily add new websites by assigning them their own LVE and resources, allowing your VPS to grow with your needs.
  • Peace of Mind: Focus on your websites, knowing CloudLinux is behind the scenes, keeping your server environment optimised and secure.
  • CloudLinux goes beyond just technical features. It's about creating a reliable, stable, and worry-free web hosting experience for you and your websites.

How can CloudLinux help me?


Increased server efficiency through user resource limits


Find and fix PHP and database performance bottlenecks


Increase server security by isolating tenants in their own environments


Support older versions of PHP while maintaining security

Add CloudLinux to your VPS

CloudLinux OS offers a unique combination of benefits

Slow Website Performance

PHP X-Ray identifies performance bottlenecks in CMS-based sites like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, pinpointing slow plugins, queries, functions, or external calls, offering a potent solution for DevOps and site owners.


Improve Website Security

HardenedPHP offers Long Term Support for outdated PHP versions, securing against vulnerabilities even after's End Of Life, enabling you to safeguard customer websites and servers without investing time and resources in PHP code updates.


Stability and Reliability

CloudLinux employs CageFS to isolate website accounts on the server, preventing unauthorised file access to your site and minimising the performance impact from malicious users or compromised accounts.


Resource Management

CloudLinux's LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) feature allocates server resources per user, preventing resource hogging and ensuring consistent quality of service for all websites you host.


Cost Savings

CloudLinux reduces hosting  costs through its efficient resource and isolation features. Advanced management tools, enable developers to quickly identify and resolve performance issues, minimising maintenance costs and time spent troubleshooting. 


CloudLinux is a powerful operating system designed specifically for web hosting. It offers a range of benefits for you and your customers:


Increased server stability and uptime


Better security and isolation for each website or application


Improved performance and scalability


Enhanced control and customisation options for hosting providers


Support for multiple PHP versions and extensions


Easy management of server resources and user accounts

CloudLinux helps you deliver a more reliable, secure, and efficient hosting environment, while also providing your clients with a better user experience.