Covid-19 notice: To ensure the health and wellbeing of our team, Layershift are currently operating with 100% home based staff. Remote working was already part of our culture prior the pandemic, so there is no change or disruption to our services. We will continue to support you and your business 24/7, as usual.

Now you can provide the full service

Provide your clients with a fully integrated service as the single point of contact for the entire solution.

Completely eliminate the frustration your clients face as they're bounced between their hosting provider technical support and your development team.

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End the struggle against your clients' clueless hosting provider

Time is money

Effortlessly clone whole sites and databases to move through the deployment lifecycle; clone a live site to work on a development copy, move a development copy to staging for client approval, and move a staging site to production.

Take advantage of source control software such as SVN or Git to help you develop and deploy updates and code revisions with a robust audit trail.

Your favourite team player

Working with Layershift is very different to wrangling your clients' dismal hosting providers into shape.

We're here to consistently deliver the best possible service to you and your clients; you can retain the direct relationship with your customer, backed by our experienced technical support and systems administration, or your customer can buy directly from us with you as an authorised account contact. Either way your team will really enjoy working together in partnership with our legendary support team to deliver 100% client satisfaction on every single project.

Dependable backups

Layershift include a fully managed backup service as a standard feature for every managed hosting plan, and we take a full backup at least every 6 hours (every hour with the Enterprise care pack upgrade).

If you need a single file, we can locate and restore it for you within minutes. If you need a full server restored, we can restore that rapidly too. Our backup system can restore your data 10x quicker than a legacy tape based backup solution still used by many of our competitors and corporate IT environments.

Painless deployment

Something strange happened between dev/stage/live? You're not left to troubleshoot this bizarre bug on your own!

Layershift's experienced technical team have seen it all before, and are on hand to help isolate the cause and apply any necessary configuration changes or upgrades for you, or simply provide that vital "extra pair of eyes" to spot the obvious but yet well hidden - saving hours of frustration.

Supporting growth

Clients engage you to drive explosive growth. When your strategy pays off and website traffic and conversions rocket, you need to know the hosting service is up to the job.

Most hosting providers let you down at this crucial moment. All Layershift hosting solutions can scale up with zero downtime.

Our Jelastic PaaS even offers automatic scaling, to help you handle even the most unpredictable client projects with consummate ease.

We can provide your clients with flexible and robust hosting as you propel their online venture forwards!

Uncompromising quality

We share your unrelenting commitment and passion to high quality service, and we stand right behind it (and you) with our comprehensive SLA.

Our industry-leading SLA fills the gaps that other providers cheekily skip over with their frustrating loopholes! For example, we guarantee backup availability, internal and external network uptime, and technical support responsiveness - all mission critical issues which most providers completely ignore.

We've got you covered

We handle everything from server troubleshooting, security patching, and reconfiguration to service monitoring and proactive fault resolution on your behalf so you don't waste any of your valuable time or resources!

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