Power up your application growth

Take advantage of our robust high performance hosting platform to provide the stable operating environment for your Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Layershift engineers take the hassle out of hosting your SaaS application by constantly monitoring and tuning your servers for optimal performance around the clock - leaving you to focus on enhancing and marketing your service.

Try our Jelastic Java & PHP PaaS

Focus on your app - we've got your servers covered

Simplify deployment

Our Jelastic PaaS fully integrates with Git and SVN for you to manually, or automatically, deploy new versions of your code. Clone an environment in one click. Integrate with your favourite IDE.

Reduce support costs

Don't waste time supporting your remotely hosted application, we give you full access to logs. Your customers prefer their own dedicated environment? No problem, you can still manage this centrally for them.

Robust SLA

Offer your users the SLA they expect and demand, with the assurance that your hosting infrastructure provides the robust SLA guarantees you need.

Free from constraints

Let your environment work for your code, don't code to your environment! Easily use your own PHP modules or frameworks, customise your Tomcat configuration, or add your own Apache modules. All supported 24x7 by our expert engineers!

High performance and scalability

Don't worry about platform problems as your application popularity increases. Our platform can easily scale your application up to (and down) as required to save you money and ensure you have the resources you need at all times!

Proven and experienced

We've helped many SaaS vendors launch their applications since the turn of the century. Check out our real-time satisfaction rating and read our testimonials to see what other customers think.

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