How to reset Plesk admin password

It’s possible to reset the password for your Plesk control panel at anytime via your Layershift account at .

Here are the steps to reset Plesk admin password

  • Make sure your correct subscription is selected in the top right-hand drop-down menu.


  • Go to the Home tab:


  • Next, browse to the System tab and click on the icon for Parallels Plesk Panel to enter the information page for your Plesk Control Panel.


  • Once the page has loaded you’ll need to click the button Reset Password and the system will automatically generate a new password for the administrator account. The password will be emailed to both the technical and administrator contact email addresses. You will then be able to login to your Plesk Control Panel with the login name ‘admin’ and your newly generated password.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you change your password to something secure once logged in as the password was sent in plain text via email.