Covid-19 notice: To ensure the health and wellbeing of our team, Layershift are currently operating with 100% home based staff. Remote working was already part of our culture prior the pandemic, so there is no change or disruption to our services. We will continue to support you and your business 24/7, as usual.

Fully managed hosting services for enterprise

Your IT team are not web experts

Most managed hosting providers only manage physical infrastructure. The rest is down to you. This leaves your IT team struggling with systems they don't understand; corporate networks and desktop IT provision is a completely different animal to the 24x7x365 world of the Internet.

Layershift deliver web technology skillsets to supplement and work in partnership with your existing IT team, application developers, and even third party digital project agencies, to deliver the right tools to the business at exceptional value.

A specialised extension to your IT team

Best practice configurations

Our experienced engineering team use their know-how on your servers to ensure they're always configured optimally according to best practice recommendations to help you hit the optimum balance between security and performance.

Proactive monitoring

Layershift proactively monitor your system health and performance around the clock as an integral part of our fully managed service. Our rapid incident response team resolve incidents at any time day or night.

Most providers will quickly "pass the buck" as soon as any troubleshooting permits. However, because we provide a fully managed service we do things differently; our responsibility goes much further and therefore we troubleshoot within the server itself as well (not just to the switch port!).

Even if our troubleshooting leads us to your application code, our experienced team provide detailed diagnosis results and recommendations to help get the problem resolved.

Backups included

Most hosting providers exclude server backup from their solutions. This is a huge problem considering the business critical nature of your website portfolio, and the damage downtime or defacement has on your brand.

Layershift include an advanced fully managed backup system as standard, with fully automated scheduling, and 28, 56 or more complete backup snapshots for rapid restoration at any time. By taking backups more frequently potential data loss is reduced, because the window since last backup is significantly shortened.

Our backup system can restore your data up to 10x quicker than a legacy tape based backup solution; consider the difference this makes reducing typical recovery time measured in hours to minutes, getting you back to full speed as quickly as possible!

Mitigating risks

Risks come from every angle on the web, so it's important to keep all servers right up to date, but in a way that ensures zero business disruption.

Layershift use specialist patented technology to apply the most critical security patches to your server without any service disruption at all, and we provide strict guarantees to ensure these security updates are in place quickly - providing you with maximum protection around the clock.

Upgrades and software maintenance

We provide on-demand upgrades for pre-installed software free of charge at any time, so you can benefit from the latest bug fixes, features, and functionality to suit business needs.

We can usually also install additional server-side software for you free of charge, subject only to technical feasibility.

Our competitors typically impose additional charges for this service, requiring every upgrade decision to go through lengthy cost-benefit analysis review process and delaying deployment.

Robust SLA

Because most providers only give you a self-managed server, their SLA only addresses very limited aspects of your service - that's if they even provide an SLA at all of course.

Even other "managed" service providers still give you worthless SLAs. For example, it's common to completely exclude external Internet connectivity from an SLA! How useful is your web server without an Internet connection?

Although most providers talk up their support team in pre-sales, few are confident enough to SLA their technical support response - even though support responsiveness is a critical element to your uptime and business operations effectiveness as a whole.

We include an industry-leading SLA as standard with every server, and you can even upgrade the SLA for appropriate mission critical servers. We guarantee all network connectivity (internally and externally facing), hardware/platform fault resolution, and technical support response times.

Talk to our friendly sales engineers

We understand hosting requirements for Enterprise can sometimes appear complex, but talk to our experienced team and we can introduce you to the Layershift way; we will help you develop a worry-free bespoke hosting strategy and you'll never look back.

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