From grassroots all the way to the big time

Your new business needs a flexible hosting solution to work with your limited resources, rapidly evolving needs, and high growth demands.

Our Jelastic PaaS automatically resizes to always fit to your requirements, whilst our Cloud VPS range provides fixed monthly pricing with instant zero-downtime upgrades.

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Supporting your journey every step of the way

One less hat to worry about

You're used to juggling many different roles and responsibilities to get everything done at a nice low price. Sometimes it's the best way.

But your servers are core to your success; if they're offline - perhaps during that big PR push - your startup stops. You can't afford to lose those critical opportunities. Get the experts in for this one.

Lower costs, higher performance

Spend less and get more? How? It sounds impossible, but our Jelastic PaaS lets you do exactly that.

You normally pay for all resources allocated to your server - so even if you can resize it (AWS needs downtime to do that), you're often left paying for resources you don't actually use.

On Jelastic you just pay for your actual resource usage. You don't have to predict your resource needs in advance.

Expert advice 24x7

Taking your online business from fledgling to market leader is a complex and technically challenging journey. Yet it's a journey we're excited to support you along. Our in-house experts are well accustomed to many of the problems you're likely to face along the way, and have a toolbox full of solutions to help.

Scaling up is much much more than just more powerful servers; we're your technical advisers helping you scale up efficiently and successfully whilst remaining sensitive to your budget.

Focus on growth

Maybe you are a server admin guru - but there's only 24 hours in a day and that's already too short; you need to focus all of your time on driving your business forward. Don't waste it wrestling with strange server issues.

Layershift's team of experts take care of your server, whilst you focus on growing your business and taking it to the next level. No distractions.

Advanced features turned commodity

The big guns use load balancing, horizontally scaled clusters, with complicated architectures and exotic configurations - how does your startup compete?

We're bringing the big features to the little guy; with our revolutionary Jelastic PaaS you can now deploy a load balancer and horizontally scale your web servers in a single click!

Effortlessly clone your entire live environment to test your latest developments without disrupting your users, and simply destroy it when you're done - test like an enterprise, but at a cost of only a few pence.

Utilise our business experience

We don't see you just as a number, we want to get to know your business, showcase your innovation and help you grow.

Do you have a technical or commercial question we might be able to help with? Our team would be happy to assist you, just like we've helped thousands more entrepreneurs like you, and just like we were helped in the early days!